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Chef Kevin Green

Chef Kevin Green, a Knoxville native, can trace his culinary roots back to his childhood. He recalls time spent alongside his father watching Jeff Smith’s “The Frugal Gourmet”and “Emeril Live.” Many Saturdays were spent grilling and helping mom and dad in the kitchen. These experiences spurred a passion for learning about the art and the science of food. Chef Kevin’s career started with a degree in Dietetics (Food Science & Nutrition) and 4-star, fine dining cuisine.

Fast forward 15+ years and his work has included many facets of the industry to include prestigious, regional fine dining establishments; corporate research & development; private chef work; and culinary education. His resume also includes 5 years as a professional culinary educator and 6 years as a personal chef.

Chef Kevin Culinary
About Knoxville Chef Kevin Green

Chef Kevin Culinary offers Knoxville unique, in-home culinary experiences through his expertise, enthusiasm, and affable style.

When he is not in the kitchen he enjoys staying active through hybrid fitness training and competing in Hyrox and Deka Fit races. You may also find him playing drums, reading a business book, or watching another Masterclass. 

Chef Kevin Culinary is aimed at offering Knoxville unique, in-home culinary experiences through his expertise, enthusiasm, and affable style.

When he is not cooking, creating, or educating he enjoys staying active by running and doing Crossfit. You may also find him playing drums, reading a business book, or watching another Masterclass.

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Origin Story

My culinary roots can be traced back to childhood. I recall my dad watching Jeff Smith’s “The Frugal Gourmet” on PBS and the Food Network’s “Emeril Live”. He didn’t realize it but I was watching too. I like being educated, I liked being entertained even at an early age.

As a teen, I found myself in a home-economics class focused on foods and nutrition. I came to class early to flip through cookbooks, and before I knew it, I was making Baked Alaska and pan-seared chicken. I even prepared a marinated pork tenderloin for my sports team banquet. Lemon and rosemary still hold a special place in my food memories.

The artistry in food caught my attention in adolescence, and it has continued to enchant me ever since. I learned I enjoyed working with my hands and being creative, the challenge of developing a skill, and the sport of the kitchen.

My interest in sports and nutrition led me to earning a degree in Dietetics, but I still had aspirations of becoming a chef. However, after a few short months in fine dining (and reading “Kitchen Confidential” by the late Anthony Bourdain) I had some unexpected revelations: 1) I hated working the night shift and 2) I did not want that sordid lifestyle.

Despite my dilemma I knew I wanted to do food but in a way that fit me, and I sensed an “entrepreneurial itch” emerging. After several years of adding to my resume, which included working as a corporate chef, that time finally came. Changes in the executive suite had me reeling and feeling stagnant both personally and professionally. I began to look for a new opportunity. Actually, I created my own.

I ended up quitting that job without a new job secured. In doing so, I was forced to come to terms with risk, uncertainty, and my false sense of control.

In 2013, six months after my corporate departure, I started my personal chef business. A vague concept for many, but as a personal chef I did meal preparation for multiple clients in the privacy of their own home. I also leveraged my fine dining and catering skill set to provide intimate dinner parties and small events.

In 2017 I transitioned out of personal cheffing to inspire a new generation of cooks as a high school educator. Teaching teenagers has been quite an experience. It’s been full of challenges, I’ve added to my skill set, and I’ve grown as a person. However, I realized I missed being my own boss, working as a chefpreneur, and building a business (and life) that I love. In the summer of 2021 I decided to relaunch my personal chef business with a renewed sense of passion and purpose and an emphasis on meal prep and dinner parties.

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What People are Saying About Chef Kevin


“Our first small group dinner with Chef Kevin was seven years ago, and he continues to impress with innovative fresh dishes and his continuing commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Chef Kevin is also very personable and easy to work with from planning right up though the event.”

– Mark


“Kevin is always well prepared and does a fantastic job with the menu we have created together. He is timely in his preparation and serving of the food and does a good job describing the food to my guests. He also cleans up great and leaves my kitchen as he found it.”

– Dwight


“Our experience with Chef Kevin was way beyond our expectations! Every course was unique and delicious, and satisfied every single person at the dinner party. The preparation was amazing to watch, the meal was presented beautifully, and the kitchen was spotless when he left.”

– Rachael

Knoxville Personal Chef