Vacation Rental Dinner Parties


Large Group Dinner Parties – Elegant & Authentically South.

Specialty dinner parties customized for 20 – 30 people and served in a glorious cabin rental setting of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and Wears Valley.


Unique Experience


Unforgettable Memories


Delighted Guests

Buying Groceries

When it comes to feeding a large group do you struggle with finding time to:

  • Plan the menu and shop for the grocerices
  • Prep all the ingredients
  • Cook and serve an elegant meal
  • Clean the kitchen and the mess that’s left behind

Let Chef Kevin Handle Your Cabin Dinner Party

Cabin Dinner Prep

Shop, Prep, Cook

Chef Kevin will bring everything needed to serve your special meal. That includes the groceries, pantry items, pots, and pans.

Dinner Party

Plated Dishes Elegantly Served

Chef Kevin will prepare and serve each course beautifully and elegantly. You’ll want to dive in right away.

Clean Kitchen

Clean Kitchen That's Dishwasher Ready

Chef Kevin says, “Skip the cleanup!” He’ll leave your kitchen sparkling clean and the dishes ready for the dishwasher.

Feeding & entertaining a large group is overwhelming and exhausting

Renting a cabin and hosting a group of 20 – 30 people can certainly be fun. But coordinating and providing a restaurant quality experience can be a challenge, robbing you of precious time, leaving you disconnected from your guests, and feeling frustrated.

You deserve to enjoy the party too.

Grocery shopping

Don’t spend time looking for the grocery store.

Driving in Traffic

Don’t spend time fussing with reservations or waiting in traffic.

Cabin Kitchen

Don’t spend time cooking, serving, or cleaning.


Don’t spend time away from your guests / team.

Grocery shopping

Don’t spend time looking for the grocery store.

Driving in Traffic

Don’t spend time fussing with reservations or waiting in traffic.

Cabin Kitchen

Don’t spend time cooking, serving, or cleaning.


Don’t spend time away from your guests / team.

Packages & Pricing

4-Course, Plated Dinner Parties

Wedding Parties – Group Retreats – Private Dinner Parties

Customized, seasonal menu selections
All shopping done by Chef Kevin
Prepped, cooked and served in the comfort and privacy of your cabin
Leaves your kitchen sparkling clean
Pricing is menu dependent
Guests should expect to pay, on average, $149-$179* per person (includes groceries)

*For large group dinners, an additional server fee of $300 applies.

Our Simple, easy process

Chef Kevin Culinary

1. Consultation

Complete a customized and confidential questionnaire so we know your wants, needs, and preferences. Then Chef Kevin will call you to discuss your special menu.

2. Schedule a Date

Pin down all the details and schedule the date. You’ll have all the information you need to prepare for Chef Kevin to come to your cabin.

3. Enjoy the Party

Share a restaurant-quality meal with your guests. Seasonal and authentic, everyone will enjoy sophisticated gourmet meal with a touch of south.

Skip the Restaurant and Enjoy a meal in your Cabin

At Chef Kevin Culinary, we know you want to be a confident host while entertaining a large group – especially when you’re renting a cabin near the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. And when it comes to dinner you need to provide your group with an experience they won’t soon forget. You need to serve a meal unlike any they’ve had before. So where do you get that?

Of course, there’s always a fancy restaurant in and near the Smokies. But that means calling around for reservations, sitting in traffic, waiting in line, and risky expensive, yet mediocre food. Or, you could skip the restaurant and serve a lovely gourmet meal in your cabin, under the canopy and backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains. Picture you and your group sharing a table right there in a your cozy, comfortable cabin. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

But just like the resaurant option, there’s a problem with time. You need to time plan, shop, prep, cook, and serve. And if you have any energy left you also need to clean. Doing all this work robs you of precious time which you could otherwise spend with your guests, laughing and enjoy the party. It’s so frustrating!

At Chef Kevin Culinary, we believe you should enjoy the party too!

We know how much work, work, time and effort go into planning and providing a special meal for a large group. We also understand how much harder that can be while renting a cabin, which is why we provide large group dinner parties for cabin rental events. We’ve made cabin entertaining easy, and we’ve done it one meal at a time. We’ve been cooking and serving seasonal, authentic, gourmet meals for 20 to 30 people for more than 10 years. We know how to feed people, and we do it with touch of the South. We provide 3- and 4-course plated meals that are restaurant quality and always kissed with Southern charm.

So ditch the reservations. Ditch the traffic. Ditch the planning, shopping, cooking, and serving. And for heaven’s sake, ditch the clean up too!

At Chef Kevin Culinary we’ve got you covered…because you deserve to enjoy the party too!


What People are Saying About our Dinner parties


“My wife and I were married in a cabin outside of Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. Our dream was to have a formal plated dinner Friday evening, and a buffet style meal Saturday after the ceremony. With 32 total guests, all seated inside a cabin with only the household cooking equipment, we knew this was a stretch. But despite our party being significantly larger that his usual cutoff of 12 people for a private plated dinner. Chef Kevin was there for us and agreed to serve BOTH meals.”


“We loved the food. The best part was that we had guests across all spectrums of food appreciation. From people who enjoy 3 Michelin-Star restaurants to traditional “meat and potatoes” people. And everyone raved about what Chef Kevin served.

His food is extremely familiar and comforting, while still be elevated, refined, and beautifully plated.”

“Not only were we a large party, but also my young nephew Jack was in attendance. He has severe nut allergies, and Chef Kevin was able to flawlessly accommodate this and alter the recipes and keep Jacks food separate and secure so he could feel like he was getting to eat all the same food as everyone else safely – something he rarely gets to do. After dinner he came up and gave me a huge hug and said, thanks for keeping me safe. What a special moment.”