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January 17, 2024

Happy New Year Everybody! Welcome to the first newsletter of 2024. I hope your year is off to an amazing start! I’ve got some exciting news regarding the newsletter so check out the video below, AND, be sure to make it to the bottom for a Chef Tip!

Chef Kevin Newsletter


The Main Course

You’ll notice a new logo and title for the newsletter. In the coming weeks I’ll be launching a new instagram account called @breakingbread_better. This account will provide fresh content and will reflect new goals and a new vision for both my business and me.

Ultimately, I plan to leverage the power of “the table”, how we gather around food to create a unique community for certain groups of people – quitters, compulsives, and creatives.

While Chef Kevin Culinary nourishes the soul (and the stomach), Breaking Bread will leverage my expertise with food and my life experiences to speak to the heart of a person.

In time, I hope to foster a community where you can come to the metaphorical table broken and leave better. It’ll be an organic journey, a work in progress; one I hope you’ll embrace with me as I continue to “make your life better one meal at a time!”


I expect to have some room in my rotation for a few new meal prep clients in early 2024! I’m also booking for Spring dinner parties!

If you live in the West Knoxville area, have a friend or colleague who does, or have any interest or questions please let me know. Simply send me an email from the Contact Now button.


Song for the Month – As you may know, I’m a drummer. Music and rhythm plays a key and critical role in my life. I’ll be sharing a song of the month as we move forward. This following song has provided me with much strength and hope over the last several months. May you find encouragement from it as well!

Fear is Not My Future” – Todd Galberth w/ Tosha Cobbs Leonard

Chef Tip for the Month

Have you ever been searching for a recipe and wondered where to find something reputable, trustworthy, and doable? I know I have, even as a professional chef. I had a friend ask me this question recently and I thought I would share my response to her with you.

For my dinner parties, I have a collection of cookbooks that are my go-to’s… mostly comprised of notable, prestigious chefs in the industry and chef’s who have inspired my development over the years. I also check on local and regional fine dining restaurants for menu ideas and inspiration. In addition, I have multiple online resources that I prefer. These sources have talented research and development teams making them reliable sources I can trust.

See my list below and try one one them out:


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