How to Successfully Share Your Table This Summer

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August 18, 2023

Hey Foodies,

I hope you are doing well. For many of us, it’s going back-to-school time or enjoying the final days of Summer. For me, it’s getting ready for my “busy season” as people are traveling a little bit less and in need of getting their time back through my meal prep service.

Why does “getting your time” back matter? Let’s face it… we all lead busy lives and have many hats to wear (balls to juggle, plates to spin)… You get it. So what value do we place on our time? I hope it’s an opportunity for you and I to pursue our passions and develop our potential. I mean, do we really just want to live to pay the bills. I know I do not.

So this month I wanted to inspire us to live beyond the status quo and and be a man or woman “on fire.”

If you’re anything like me you have big goals and big dreams and you are on track to achieve them. It’s no secret that discovering and sustaining motivation is the driving force behind achieving any goal or aspiration. Motivation moves us forward and discipline kicks in when we don’t want to. It’s important to ignite and nurture both motivation and discipline on our way to developing our potential and achieving our goals and even our dreams.

Below, I’ve got 3 keys to unlock and enable us to be a “man on fire.” Let’s GO!

1. Start the Fire

Instead of procrastinating and putting off the inevitable simply start with one step. What is the necessary next? Go and do that. I found it helps to find a “heart-hook”, something that gives you a reason why.


  • Something easy. Pleasurable. Comforting.
  • Send 1 email to a warm contact
  • Move your body for 15 minutes
  • Read that personal development book for just 10 minutes

2. Stoke the Fire

Now that we have wind in our sails let’s keep things moving forward, Momentum is key. Be consistent. It’s easier to keep going than to start over.


  • Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t think all or nothing. Make it easy.
  • Commit to half the workout if time is short
  • Set a timer and do 30 minutes of computer work
  • Watch 1 video of your online learning

3. Sustain the Fire

Fires are more powerful and flame larger if you keep them going. What must you do to keep burning?


  • Keep adding wood. (see Keys 1 & 2)
  • Learn something new about your passion
  • Take on a new challenge that pushes you
  • Reevaluate your goals and set new targets

So, when life gets busy, when things are hard, and when you’d rather pull the covers over your head and hit the snooze button with ruthless aggression I hope you remember these 3 keys to fuel your fire.

Until next time,

Chef Kevin
Personal Chef
Chef Kevin Culinary

Food For Thought:

Leadership expert John Maxwell refers to momentum as the “law of big Mo”. Have you experienced momentum at work in your life? If so, how? Shoot me an email to explain.


The next several months are what I call my busy season. I’m currently booking for fall and winter dinner parties (including the holidays). If you’d like more information about an in-home dinner party be sure to check out my website at or send me an email.


For further inspiration, check out the movie “Man on Fire” with Denzel Washington. It’s an amazing metaphor of what we just read. Sometimes, we must take out what tried to take us… (let that simmer).


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